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Paramore is a band that has been a part of many people's lives since their start in 2004. They are known for the nostalgia they evoke through their music and the energy they bring to their live shows.

Their latest album, This Is Why released February 10, 2023 further solidifies this sentiment as it chronicles the band's journey of personal growth and change. It features a wide range of styles, including rock, pop and acoustic ballads.

After being away for almost 6 years experimenting with individually with different genres, the follow up to 2017’s After Laughter marks a return to a more upbeat sound. The songs on the album are about being happy, staying true to yourself, and having faith in what you do. There are slower songs that express different feelings. Alternatively, they have also made fun jokes in some of the songs like "Big Man Little Dignity" where they talk about someone wearing a suit but still getting messy. In another song called "Running Out Of Time," they sing about feeling overwhelmed with all of the things you need to do but also managing to show up early for once!

Paramore This Is Why Tracklist

1. This Is Why

2. The News

3. Running Out of Time

4. C'est Comme Ca

5. Big Man, Little Dignity

6. You First

7. Figure 8

8. Liar

9. Crave

10. Thick Skull

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Paramore’s highly-anticipated release, This is Why, is an incredibly engrossing album that examines the themes of personal growth and evolution. Drawing on a combination of traditional rock influences mixed with more experimental elements, this album serves as an exemplary showcase for the band’s evolution over the years. Through its lyrical content, Paramore shares a narrative of overcoming hardship, developing self-confidence, and ultimately coming out the other end with a newfound sense of identity. With their latest offering, Paramore is sure to please both old fans and new listeners alike!

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From All We Know is Falling, Riot!, Brand New Eyes, Self Titled, After Laughter, and now This Is Why we love them so much that we never miss a Paramore release!

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